DBDC 2024 International Firefighting Conference, 13-14 March 2024, War Museum, Athens, Greece

Taking place from 13-14 March 2024, in the War Museum, Athens, Greece, the 2024 Athens International Firefighting Conference is dedicated to creating the ultimate B2B event for the Firefighting stakeholders, updating the conference participants with the most innovative products and services available to the industry covering the whole spectrum of firefighting.

VIPs Conference attendees have been invited and are expected to be from the Ministry for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection and Hellenic Fire Service HQ Senior Officers from the Ministry of Defence and the Defence/Army/Navy/Air Force General Staffs, Hellenic Police, Hellenic Cost Guard, as well as Senior Representatives from the Hellenic and the International Defence Industry.

  • More than 300 participants
  • 19 foreign delegations
  • 6 Firefighting Association

2024 Athens International Firefighting Conference Main Topics

  • Aerial Firefighting
  • Firefighting aircrafts and helicopters
  • Wildland Fire Management
  • Management and command of fire operations in urban buildings
  • Firefighting simulation & Training
  • Liquid fire extinguisher and Firefighting foams
  • Early Warning Firefighting System
  • UAV to improve situational awareness in Fire Fighting
  • Firefighting drones
  • Firefighting Vehicles
  • Off-road forest firefighting vehicles
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Firefighter Protective Clothing
  • Torch that stretches light across dark, hazardous environments

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